Platform is one of the first Coworking Spaces in Nepal. We provide office spaces that are much cheaper than traditional offices since the workspace is shared by multiple different companies/organizations and freelancers, which results in an additional benefit of a community that increases productivity and encourages collaboration. Renting an office or a building includes very high initial investment and equally overwhelming monthly overheads. At Platform you get a fully facilitated office and event space, with no commitments or long term contracts, where members can focus on their work and not have to worry about the day-to-day of maintaining the office.

Many of you might have noticed that coworking is not registered as a word on Microsoft Word. The reason behind it is that it is a very new word and concept developed by Brad Neuberg in 2005. Coworking is defined as the use of an office or other working environment by people who are self-employed or working for different employers, typically so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge. Since 2005, number of coworking spaces in America alone has increased from 1 to 781 as of 2014. The idea of coworking is proven and has been a new trend in cities and countries worldwide.

The Platform has all the necessities of an office fully covered. We provide 24-hour Power Back up, High Speed Internet (25mbps), Conference Room, Lounge, Library Corner, Free Beverages (Coffee, Tea, Water), Wireless Printing/Scanning, and a bunch of other services and advantages tailored to provide the best support for a budding individual. For more details, please see our Info Card available in the ‘Compare Memberships’ Section under Memberships.

Hot Desk is the most basic of our workspace offerings. Hot Desk is a workplace sharing approach where the same desk space is used by multiple individuals. In other words, in a Hot Desk membership you will not be provided with a designated or your own desk and they’re shared in a first-come-first-serve basis. Hot Desk Members have to clean up and clear the desk area when leaving so other members can use the same desk space after them.

Personal Desk on the other hand is a desk that belongs to you and no one else in the workspace will be able to use that desk as long as you are a Personal Desk member at Platform. Our Personal Desks are in cubicles with each desk having semi-partitions with the main focus to cater to clients that require privacy and silence to concentrate and focus on their individual work.

We suggest every inquirer to visit our space so that we can provide a brief tour of our facility. We want to ensure that our customers understand the benefits of each of our memberships so that we can assist them in choosing the best option for their needs and requirements.

Once you have made the decision of becoming a member, all you need to do is submit an Online Member Application Form and payment for the first day/week/month of the membership and you can start right away!

We have multiple parking spaces for bikes and scooters and two parking spaces for cars. There is some parking between the building and the sidewalk as well for bikes and cars. If you require a designated spot we can provide this service to you on-demand.

Hot Desk Members are only allowed to store their belongings on their desk while it is occupied by them. All belongings need to be cleared when the member is done using the desk space. For Hot Desk Members we have Lockers available on-demand inside our workspace which can be used for any purpose of storage 24/7.

For Personal Desk Members we provide Pedestal Drawer Units and for Private Rooms we provide Pedestals, as well as, a Sliding Door Storage Units, all on-demand.

For Events and Conference Room Memberships we can provide lockers if needed.

Platform has hourly and monthly rates for Conference Rooms and these can be accessed and used by people who do not hold any other membership at our facility. Our Conference Room seats 10 around our conference room table and can fit 20 members in auditorium style seating. If that space is not enough, our workspace can be booked which can fit more than 40 members in total. Our conference room memberships include the use of our 6-foot wide white board and an LED Projector. Please do check with Platform staff for availability of our Conference Room and Workspace.

Our traditional work hours are Sunday to Friday 10 to 5. The hours are subject to change depending on power cut or loadshedding schedules. Special permission is required for working during off hours. Please contact Platform Staff for more details at CONTACT.

Platform provides event space for small to mid-sized events both public and private. Events could be of any nature, formal/professional or casual/social. We welcome a variety of events such as Company Events, Seminars, Workshops, Exhibitions, Product Launches, Networking, Training, Talks/Lectures, Book Signings, Meetups, Gaming Tournaments and many more. Please contact us through CONTACT for whatever requirement you might have for hosting an event.

Platform provides complete support for event management, coordination, and set up. We can also provide design services, and beverages and lunch/dinner depending on the need of the client.

Design Menu is a list of design specific services that Platform provides for its members at a special rate. Design Menu is made available in order to support young individuals and companies that require good branding and marketing material at a low cost. Our Design Menu includes design services from Logo Design to Website Design and almost everything in between.

The entire Platform facility is equipped with high speed (25mbps) wireless internet.

The Platform Workspace is equipped with an Electronic and Mechanical Lock which only provides access to members. Private Room has a separate key and only Platform officials and Private Room members will have access to the room.